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  1. Banning social media for riots: ‘perilous’ and ‘stupid’

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    Thursday, 11th August 2011 by Simon Hilliard

    Following the intense rioting in London this week, social media and online services are now in the firing line from …
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  2. Social media does not cause riots


    Tuesday, 9th August 2011 by Simon Hilliard

    In the last 72 hours London has seen extensive rioting across the city. Throughout the news coverage there has been …
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  3. Changes in (App) Store

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    Thursday, 4th August 2011 by Simon Hilliard

    Last week we posted on the changes to Apple’s App Store rules and the impact it’s having on 3rd party …
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  4. Hargreaves Confirmed – A victory for common sense

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    Wednesday, 3rd August 2011 by Simon Hilliard

    Yep, a serious victory for common sense hit the news today. Following the Hargreaves Review, published back in May, the …
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  5. In Mother Russia, they like to tweet

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    Tuesday, 2nd August 2011 by Simon Hilliard

    Can Twitter actually turn a profit? That’s the million dollar question – or more specifically $400m. Russian investment firm DST …
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