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  1. Nokia’s not helping itself with fake PR promos

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    Friday, 7th September 2012 by Simon Hilliard

    Oh Nokia, once the darling of the mobile industry and now everyone’s whipping boy. The company can’t seem to catch …
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  2. Nokia focuses on BBC to attract other VOD developers to Windows Phone

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    Monday, 28th May 2012 by Simon Hilliard

    Good news for those fans of Sherlock and Doctor Who (and any of those other hundreds of programmes the BBC …
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  3. Invent with Nokia: either brilliance or madness


    Thursday, 19th May 2011 by Simon Hilliard

    Nokia’s not exactly top of the most loved list right now. The company’s share of the mobile phone market has …
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  4. The evolution of the mobile phone

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    Monday, 2nd May 2011 by Curious Curvella

    Love them or hate them, the mobile phone has become a permanent fixture in every household and on every person, …
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  5. The CEO’s right to rant

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    Monday, 28th February 2011 by Simon Hilliard

    An infographic published on Paid Content underlines just how far Nokia’s fall from grace has been in the developed world. …
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